About Us

  This invaluable, affordable service will make everyone aboard more comfortable in everyday and emergency situations.
  Every golf course has a golf pro; consider Boatboy Marine Training your boating pro!
About Us
About UsWe are marine industry professionals… who saw the need for an on-the-water instruction company to help the recreational boater be safe on the water, enjoy this great lifestyle and have fun boating!
   Our unique concept of coming to you is the best way to instantly become familiar with your boat on your waterway where you do your boating!
   We often witness boaters struggling with docking, anchoring, and boat handling. We think the lack of boat use comes from lack of knowledge. Our course will bridge the gap from classroom instruction to "Hands-On" practical experience. Our customers become confident, safe, skilled boat operators allowing them to have fun boating. At Boatboy Marine Training… We Leave the Dock!
   BMT has also developed training curriculum for national organizations such as Marine University‚Äôs Boater 101 program. In addition to training new members of the boating community we have trained boat dealer personnel across the country on how to provide hands on training to their customers. Members of the BMT staff are certified trainers for the New Jersey Boating Safety Certification program.
   Our service area covers New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York (Southeast including Long Island), and Southern Florida. We're always expanding our training territories. Look for a location near you.