Licensing Opportunities

"Sell a customer a boat, they'll use it a season…
Teach a customer to boat, they'll use it a lifetime!"

  The recreational boater of today is educated and knowledgeable and demands the best, most comprehensive courses available from a professional Captain. Simply having your Ticket is not enough.
  The time has come for a Professional Company to offer the Licensed USCG Captain a comprehensive, turnkey system to train the recreational boater safely, properly and successfully on Their Boat, at Their Dock, on Their Waterway.

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Minimum Qualifications
Career Opportunities
   In response to our rapid growth at Boatboy Marine Training, the growth of Captain's Schools & Licensed Captains and inquiries to expand our services to other recreational boating areas, Boatboy Marine Training is offering a comprehensive, unique licensing opportunity to Qualified Captains.
   This will be an independent part-time opportunity with an initial fee and a declining percentage of gross sales each year. The licensee will have use of our proprietary materials, handbooks, toll-free number, website access, media ads, logos, affiliations, insurance, etc. as well as a nationally backed marketing plan and years of experience training hundreds and hundreds of boaters. This is truly a ground floor opportunity!
   As with the Captains Wanted above, if you have a passion for being on the water, enjoy training great people, love the boating lifestyle, want to run your own business & reap the rewards and of course, Have Fun, this is the perfect opportunity for you!
   We offer the licensee a turnkey, comprehensive, profitable package that can be implemented wherever there are recreational boaters and marine dealers. Your territory will be protected and marketed so as to offer the fastest return on investment in the smallest amount of time.

Join us at Boatboy Marine Training and make an Investment in the Lifestyle you Love!
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