Hands-On Training Package
  We train on your boat at your dock in your waterway with your equipment. We allow up to 4 people to participate. We feel you should learn with the people you go boating with! We offer standard or custom training tailored to your specific needs covering the following topics:
  Anchoring ≈ Aids to Navigation
  Chart Plotting ≈ Docking
  Close Quarter Handling
  Docklines & Knots ≈ Electronics
  Emergency Scenarios
  Fueling Procedures
  High Speed Running
  Horn Signals ≈ Night Piloting
  Preventative Maintenance
  Safety Equipment
  Under-the-Influence ≈ Water Skiing
  Weather Forecasts ≈ Wind & Current
Sailing Instruction
Sailing Instruction      In addition to basic boating terminology and factors affecting boating such as wind, current and weather the sailing instruction will at a minimum include:
   Identification of parts of sailboats including: mast, boom, traveler, spreaders, jib, shrouds, etc. Functions of sailboat components including: mainsheet, halyards, winches, fairleads, telltails, etc. Definition of terms such as: running rigging, windward, leeward, jibing, tacking, etc. Identification of sail types and parts of sails: mainsail, spinnaker, luff, genoa, leech, hanks, etc. Explanation of terms such as: in-irons, close hauled, broad reach, close reach, luffing, running, etc.
   The instructor will also will also demonstrate and have the student conduct port tack, starboard tack, explain the roles of sailboats in stand on and give way situations. Other maneuvers will also be explained and demonstrated.

Our Courses are the Most Comprehensive in the Industry!
Customers Receive: Exclusive Boatboy Handbook ≈ Complete Information Package ≈ Safety Checklists
State & Federal Regulations ≈ Navigation Sheets ≈ Boating Articles ≈ Marine Accessories Discount Card
Boatboy Marine Training Certificate which may be used for discounts on insurance.